New Free Theme Coming Soon

So last night I had mentioned that I had started working on a new theme framework for WordPress, before writing that post I had been thinking about whether or not to release a the whole thing for free or just a free version of it. Then after writing that post I came to the conclusion, I would build a totally separate but equally beautiful theme, that I would release freely, it’s not quite done yet but once it gets there I will submit it for inclusion on the WordPress theme directory.

What it has so far

So far I have built in a custom background, custom header image, and custom header text color, and you can totally remove the header text if you would like. It also supports a custom menu with drop-downs, I initially built a version that had the option for two menus I still have that but have been moving forward with the single menu version.


It’s a pretty standard and straight forward 2 column layout with the content on the left and the sidebar on the right. I have some other style sheets that I have been working on which will allow you to place the sidebar on the left and the content on the right. It incorporates primary and a secondary sidebar widgets, which will also enable a 3 column layout which I also have a style sheet drawn up for. I haven’t decided if I will just include those file in a folder called CSS, and than just include directions for how to use them, or if I will put together a theme options page that will allow switching between them with the click of a button.

I like the later option the best but, it might be rather hard to get it to pass the directory theme requirements in that state, because of the theme root directory style sheet requirements. I’m not real sure about this though it’s something I would have to look into a little farther before making a final decision.


The current theme of this site (as of 22 July 2011), is running on a very early version of this theme, although there is still quite a bit of work to be done on the back end. I am very excited about getting this theme completed and released to the public, so I’ll be spending quite a bit of time working on it this weekend.

Here’s a screen shot incase I end up changing the theme in the future:

If you have any questions or comments about this theme, please feel free to leave them below.

Coming Soon a Theme Frame Work

Yesterday I wrote a post that said that this project is just getting started and while that’s true, I had a little extra time today so I started working on a new theme framework. I had already started on some code for the back-end of a theme framework sometime ago, but it just kind of got abandoned and forgotten about. That is until recently, and today I actually blew the dust off it and started moving things forward.

What’s done so far?

So far I have just been spending most of the time developing the back-end, getting all the actions, functions, and hooks defined and ready to use on the front-end templates. That has been taking quite a bit of time, and just a few weeks ago I discovered CSS frameworks and how wonderful and easy they can make things. So after this discovery I decided to go back and rewrite things so at least one of them was baked in from the start, yes that’s right I was only going to include one. However after thinking about this a little farther I came to the conclusion that not everybody would be a fan of one particular CSS framework so I decided that I would include as many as possible.

What did I get accomplished tonight?

Well as I mentioned earlier I just started working on this theme again, and after deciding that I should bake some CSS frameworks in, I started with that this evening. My personal favorite to work with is the Nine Sixty Grid System, so that’s the one I started adding support for. I only had about 3 hours to put towards this project tonight so I didn’t quite get everything in there yet, but even as a rough draft it looks fairly decent.

Here’s a sneak peak of what it looks like so far:

What’s next?

Once I get finished adding support for the 960gs I’ll start adding support for other CSS frameworks such as Blueprint CSS, HTML5 boilerplate, and the 1140 CSS Grid.

I still haven’t decided what I am going to do with this theme, I had in mind selling it right from the start, but lately I have started thinking about releasing it as open source somewhere, maybe on the WordPress theme directory or just as an open source project on some code hosting site. I have also started thinking about just releasing a barebones version for free, with the option to upgrade to the full blown version with all the bells and whistles. But one thing is for sure, if I don’t get this project finished I won’t be able to do anything with it at all. I better get back to work…