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This theme is absolutely beautiful, it features two stacked customizable menus. Sticky “featured” post, clean lines, with easy to read fonts. Also a a header image showing a beautiful Manhattan scene. The theme also features a customizable background, header (image), and menu. It also supports six widgetized areas so you will be able to position your content just how you want it. Like to post pictures? No problem, standard has that covered too. Manhattan theme supports custom image galleries so you can really show of your pictures.

  • Stacked menus
  • Multiple widget areas
  • Custom image galleries

Don’t have much experience setting up a website? No problem, the Manhattan takes care of most everything for you.

Just a few mouse clicks and my site was ready to go.

Would you like some help installing your new theme? No problem, we can do that for you.

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Need Support for Multiple Screen Sizes?

The Seismic Manhattan theme has you covered there too. Using media queries and JavaScript where necessary the Manhattan theme will work on many different screen sizes and devices.

featureDevices-retina Mobile Devices? No problem.

Prepare yourself to be amazed at just how good your site is going to look using the Seismic Manhattan theme. On any device, from iPhones to iPads to iMacs; your site is going to look great.

Are you using Manhattan?

If you're using Manhattan let us know what you think about it. Have something you would like to see built in? Let us know about it. Is there a feature you absolutely love? Let us know about it.

"I am extremely impressed with the theme quality, and would definitely use Seismic Themes again."